What’s new in Flutter 3?

Flutter 3 is live and ready for production on all desktop platforms! We are excited and can’t wait to share what’s new in Flutter, its support for macOS and Linux, the remarkable performance improvements for web and mobile, and adding support for Apple Silicon. Some bonus tips for you at the end. So, let’s get straight to the business.

macOS and Linux support

 Google moved past mobile by adding web (desktop) and Windows support to Flutter, and now it can create Mac and Linux apps too. On macOS, Flutter supports both Intel and Apple Silicon natively. And the Linux support came via collaboration with Ubuntu maker Canonical, which is now using Flutter for key new shell experiences, apps, the installer, and firmware updates.

Firebase Support in Flutter 3

Flutter 3
Firebase support in flutter

It is not just about the UI framework, but the app publishers need an extensive set of tools to allow them to proceed in terms of building, releasing, and operating your applications along with services like data authentication, cloud functionality, device testing, and data storage.

Services like Sentry, AppWrite, and AWS Amplify have got flutter’s back for improved functionality.

About 63% of the developers use Firebase in their applications. In order to best reflect that reality and Flutter’s persistent growth, the suite of Firebase plugins for Flutter is now turning into a fully-supported key part of the Firebase offering. This means the plugins now fall under Firebase’s repo and website.

Moreover, Google is working on creating new flutter widgets that make it even smoother to use firebase in your application.

Also, you are now able to get a hold of errors by using the Firebase Crashlytics plugin, this gives you an overview of your app’s stability with which you can fix the bugs merely by tracking the errors.

The features are mainly about critical alerting metrics like “crash-free users” that are built to help you in keeping up with the stability of your application

Flutter Casual Games Toolkit

Good news for all the game developers out there! Not only is flutter doing miracles for the applications, but games are also in the queue. Google is sharing a casual game toolkit which is a suite of templates, guidelines, and tutorials for game developers who want to invest their effort in a flutter.

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